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Shipping Tips

Step 1 - Keep flowers hydrated & cool by wrapping the stems in wet paper towels or plastic water tubes, like these!


Step 2 - Place arrangement in a sturdy, snug fitting box. Loosely wrap blooms with tissue paper and fill empty space with extra tissue paper or packing peanuts. 

Step 3 - Overnight shipping is preferred in order to ensure freshness. If overnighting is not an option, we just ask that your flowers arrive no later than 5 business days after your event.

Pro tip: This is something you can have your wedding planner or member of you bridal party arrange!

Kent Street Map (3).png



Step 4 - Ship your bouquet to our studio at the address below. We'll let you know when it's safely in our hands!

Fountain & Field

1901 Kent Street

Wilmington, NC 28401

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