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And so began...
Fountain & Field

When my Grammer passed away a dear friend sent the most stunning yellow roses that brought instant sunshine during a dark time. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I pressed them all into books. A month or two later, while struggling through a dark time, I decided to pull out the flowers and see how they looked.


Seeing the petals and vibrant colors immediately made me smile. I had to find a way to preserve that feeling and put something on display so I could see them all the time. What started as a hobby I did during my newborn daughter's naps quickly turned into an obsession and a passion project.


It's an honor to create unique pieces for others to cherish and enjoy for a lifetime - and hopefully bring sunshine to even the darkest times. 

Each unique bloom has the ability to evoke happiness, positivity, or tell a special story!

Hey there!

I'm Elizabeth Cardamone, an East Coast mama, wife, garden nerd, and flower powered artist! If I'm not out enjoying our area's beautiful beaches and waterways, you can usually find me wandering around in my backyard marsh garden picking ferns and wildflowers to press.

Gardening and caring for flowers feel like a part of my DNA. My mom spent many years working for a local landscaping company and shares stories about working with me in her belly up until she was ready to pop! As a little girl, I spent summers in my Grammer's garden, admiring her stunning yellow Lady Banks roses. Each of these ladies shared a deep love for beautiful blooms and vibrant colors, a trait that was born and magnified in me!

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