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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I need to send my bouquet or event flowers?

The sooner we can get our hands on your flowers, the better! Ideally we like to receive your bouquet the following business day after your event, but don't fret if you're traveling or need a few extra days for shipping. We just recommend having your flowers arrive no later than 5 days after your event. Check out the guidelines below for safe storage prior to delivery.

How should I store my flowers until they can be delivered?

Flowers being delivered to the studio in-person should be kept in water and in a cool environment, but not in a refrigerator or freezer (this will damage and tarnish the blooms). Studio drop-offs are by appointment only.

Shipping your bouquet? Click here for tips on safe overnight shipping!

What process do you use to preserve flowers?

We use a traditional wooden flower press, layered with canvas and cardboard to remove moisture. Some flowers can be pressed still intact or "facedown" while others need to be broken down and reconstructed. 

How long does the preservation process take?

Our traditional pressed flower preservation is not a quick process. All flowers have a different press time and it's important not to rush the process to ensure the most vibrant and structurally sound flowers. Most bouquets usually include a variety of flowers that all dry at different speeds - but generally most are ready to come out of the press after about 4 weeks. This is when the design process begins, which is usually complete within another 4 weeks. As a small team we will always communicate with you directly and keep you posted about the timeline for your pieces. 

How will my flowers hold up to the pressing/preservation process?

- Red, pink, purple, and other vibrantly-hued roses will intensify in shade/darkness >>>

- White flowers commonly press to shades like off-white, beige, light brown, yellow, or light green >>>

- There's a possibility of "bruised" or "semi-transparent marks" emerging. To minimize this, refrain from excessive handling or tossing of your flowers. (Helpful hint: don't use your actual bridal bouquet for the toss!)

- Certain tropical flowers and foliage might not endure the drying process or could adopt a brownish tint

- Some flowers will need to be deconstructed prior to pressing - then reconstructed for your design. This includes tropical flowers and blooms that hold a lot of moisture, like tulips, orchids, and succulents.

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