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Commemorate a Special Date!

Birthmonth Flowers


Baby Shower Gifts 

Looking for a unique gift to commemorate a special new arrival?

Just like birthstones, each month is represented by a flower. We can source any birth flowers to showcase your growing family with blooms!

The combination of each parents' birth flower mixed with baby's, creates a unique and meaningful piece for families to treasure for a lifetime.

Pictured are custom pieces for two special families expecting baby girls in September!


Delphinium - July

Chrysanthemum - November

Aster - September

IMG_5196 (1)_edited.png

Chrysanthemum - November

Aster - September

Cosmos - October

Megann's Anniversary Flowers


Megan asked for a custom piece to give her husband as a first anniversary gift. We sourced each of their birth-month flowers, their anniversary-month flower, and homegrown ferns to create this special piece.

Fun fact - we shipped this baby safely all the way to Hawaii! 


Cosmos - October


Daisy - April

Chrysanthemum - November

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