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Celebrations of Life

Remembering Bob

It's no surprise Noelle and her family received an abundant outpouring of beautiful arrangements after losing their dad, Bob, to a long battle with dementia.

We preserved flowers from 6 different arrangements to create 4 unique pieces for each member of Bob's family members. 

In Honor of Grammer

This project encouraged me to launch something more from Fountain & Field. When we lost my beloved Grammer, my family and I received so many vibrant, colorful arrangements that she would have absolutely adored. I couldn't bear to see the beautiful blooms just turn brown and get thrown out - after all, they represented the most amazing woman I've ever known. 

So I decided to press the individual flowers in a big book for a few months. When I opened the book, the beautiful, happy blooms brought me so many happy memories of my Grammer. I used the flowers to create a few unique pieces for myself, my mom, and my sister.

IMG_2689 (2).PNG
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